HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD (to my best friend as he turns the big 20)




The two hours we spent talking over the Airtel network yesterday, you bared your soul.

“I don’t want to live life the same old way. I don’t want to be a gently burning flame when I can be a raging wildfire.”

I agree with you.

We shouldn’t be echoes when we can be voices. We shouldn’t be mere men when we can be princes. We shouldn’t be anything less than everything we were created to be.

“Maybe I’m making Everest out of a sand dune but then, I’m afraid.”

Sam, you don’t have the luxury of being afraid. You can be anything you want to be but you cannot be afraid. The lion that roars in you is greater than any fear that ever dares face you.

All fear is fraud. Never let fear cheat you.

“What if I fail fall?”

Oh dear Sam, what if you fly? What if falling and failing succeeds in landing you on the wings of grace?

No matter how hard you stumble or how far you fall, grace will be the mighty hand of God that catches you EVERY single time so you must never fear falling or failing.

Since you’ve been 20 before, what do you think I should do?”

“That’s an easy one. Get out of bed every day by 6 am and lay your own bed.”

I heard you laugh that long and hard Sarah laugh and then return to your serious self.

“You’re serious aren’t you?”

I was then and I am now. If you want to change the world, first you must get out of bed. The world has enough dreamers but not enough doers. Be one of the doers.

It’s good to plot and plan and pray but when the ‘amen’ is said and all is done, it is the people who take responsibility for their own lives early that determine the future.

Wake up. Get up. Lay your bed. Every day. That’s how you change the world.

“And after I’ve laid my bed, what next?”

Go to the park, the mall, the cinemas wherever. Go dancing. Go camping. Learn to play another instrument. Try out for a part in the community play. Taste Italian wines, hate French cuisine, burn your tongue with Indian sauces. Eat everything with peanut butter.

Make mistakes. Learn from them.

Be young. Run wild, live free, love strong.

You only turn 20 once.

Since you’re not a cat you only get one life. Since you’re a Christian, you must live this abundant life you’ve been gifted to the brim. And like you say, life’s too short to not savor peanut butter.

“WOW. Just wow.”

One more thing; don’t let anyone treat you shabby or put you down because your age isn’t a huge figure. Instead, be an example to everyone by your kindness and how fiercely you love. In this world where everyone idolizes ‘the young, wild and free’, swim against the current and row against the tide by being ‘young, fly and saved’.

This Sam is how you change the world.

With grace and grace and grace,


P.S: We should save a dollar for every hour we spend on the phone. With the current exchange rate we could be billionaires before the year runs out.SAMMY PHOTO

Happy belated birthday Sammy brogues. May your path shine brighter.


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